Hello world, Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to Stacy-Deanne.net!

This blog is a place where you’ll be able to find updates about me you peasants!

Who am I you ask?

Some say I am a killer in disguise. Some say I am a conqueror. Some say I am alien from another planet.

So, who am I really?

Well, you’ll never know.

But, you can TRY…like all other peasants that’s been trying to understand the nature of my game since years.

All I can say is I am Stacy Deanne, and if you see me rollin’ then you better kneel before me or face my wrath!

Before I leave you, I demand you to watch this small video!

Adios, peasants!
Stacy Deanne

On a serious note people, this is a blog dedicated towards my cat! If you didn’t find any of the above part funny, then the rest of the stuff ain’t going to be any better. If you find it funny, then hit me up via the contact form and let’s chat!

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