String Trimmer or Hedge Trimmer – Which One is for You?

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String Trimmer, also know as weed eater or weed wacker is a tool specially designed to cut off the grass strands from your lawn or backyard which are out of your regular mowers reach. This are the grass strands which makes your whole yard look bad, and you want to get rid of them to keep your lawn or garden in good shape.

Why am I posting about this all of a sudden? Well, I recently had a tough task of choosing between these two tools for my girlfriend. She just moved into a new house where there is a big backyard, and she doesn’t know a thing about gardening or maintenance of lawn.

After careful research and watching videos like the one above. We came to a conclusion that we need to get a string trimmer/weed eater and a hedge trimmer or one out of those. If you’re yourself trying to figure out which one is right for you, then this forum thread from Stackexchange is quite helpful.

They discuss out which one is better to get weed eater or weed edger. To put it simply weed eater is an automatic tool while edger on the other end is manual and takes much more time. We wanted to avoid this precisely.

String Trimmer - Weed Eater

So, we decided to get both weed eater and hedge trimmer. Now the ideal site we use for purchase is Amazon obviously, so placed order for both the products on there. Before ordering, we decided to check this two reviews best weed eater in 2016 & top 10 best hedge trimmer in 2016 they had some in-depth reviews and we found a couple of products appealing.

Got both the products delivered to us within five days and after testing them both out we figured that it is better to use string trimmer than the hedge trimmer since we don’t have big bushes that need trimming which is what hedge trimmer comes in handy.

Anyways, that was our little project we did this past week and I was excited to share with you guys. Stacy also enjoyed the complete process much since she got to pick out the final product (or so she thinks 😉 ).

Drop in your thoughts in the comments below if you got something to share! Thanks for reading.

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